CAPWORKS provides tuition assistance courses to meet the needs of both individuals and the community.

Noncredit and fee classes and programs prepare clients for a career or to upgrade skills.

CAPWORKS will fund (tuition, books, uniforms, etc.,) short term certifications and training for jobs in demand.  

CAPWORKS is a job development initiative through Community Action Partners focused on being proactive in addressing root cause(s) of poverty by developing a networking program to provide job training leading to employment and self-sufficiency. 

​After certification, participants will be on the path to becoming financially independent, thus reducing and eliminating their reliance on social services. 
CAPWORKS offers a comprehensive range of services consisting of workforce development and life skills activities benefiting job seekers — adults, youth and new entrants to the workforce.

CAPWORKS provides comprehensive services to economically disadvantaged individuals and families who are below 125% of Poverty Guidelines and Percentages.” ​

job training leading to employment and self-sufficiency